Match Entry Details

The 2022 Golf Season is now upon us and we are starting to organise the Association Matches and seeking those members who are interested in playing in these events.

Should you be interested, please forward your email, name, number and potential availability fixtures to Peter Keown at or through the contact below and include any comments which will be noted.

* Shropshire & Herefordshire - Hindley Hall GC - 17 May 2022

* Leicestershire & Rutland - Lingdale GC - 26 May 2022

* Leeds - Whitefield GC - 22 June 2022

* South Cheshire - Disley GC - 5 July 2022

* Derbyshire - Matlock GC - 20 July 2022

* Bolton - Stand GC - 28 July 2022

* Worcestershire - Ashton-u-Lyne GC - 18 August 2022

* Chester - Chester GC - 8 September 2022

The teams will be rotated to ensure that all members play in at least one match. Players selected will be advised by email approxamately two weeks prior to the match. The team sheet will also be available online.

Players are asked if possible to wear the association polo shirt and jumper along with your Association Tie for the post match meal. (if you need to order these please see the Merchandise page). Payment for the event will be taken on the day.


Manchester and District Golf Captains