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General Data Protection Regulation

Revised General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Legislation, came into force on 25th May 2018, we are required to clarify MDGC data protection policy and explain how we will ensure data protection is provided for The Manchester & District Golf Captains members.

All personal information submitted by members to the MDGC, whether already existing at the Association or subsequently provided, will be treated as confidential and sensitive data. The information provided by members for example in the process of applying for membership, continuing membership and for entry to a MDGC competition/meeting will not be passed on to any third party and will be retained by the MDGC. The information will only be used for communication with members for the sole purposes of the activities of MDGC.

This MDGC GDPR policy does not require a change to the Rules & Constitution of MDGC; it does though explain how the day to day management of members Personal Data is being cared for by MDGC

Data on members is held on a Master database, which is organised by the Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer of the Association. This information may be made available on request, for MDGC matters, when necessary, to other officers of the Associations Executive on a case by case basis. (IE the Captain, President, Social, Membership, Competition and Match Secretaries). However, no other Council officers or other Executive members have direct access to the data. No mass export or transfer of data will be made to any other officers.

In compliance with GDPR legislation the Executive of the MDGC have nominated a Data Controller, the Honorary Secretary, The Data Controller will ensure that all necessary data safeguards are maintained, all such data held on personal computers will be secured by password protection.

Personal data is limited to member’s: Title, Name, Address, Phone numbers, Email address, Home golf club, golf handicap. In the course of bank transactions the Association may receive information such as bank account details; however this information is not retained by the Association.

Information is held for the sole purposes of membership accounts, distribution of letters, and/or emails, plus for general communication on the MDGC activities (including Competitions and Matches) and social events.

MDGC will not hold any sensitive data about individual members.

Correspondence addressed to members will be to e-mail addresses, postal addresses or by telephone, as per the data held by MDGC. It is expected that members will update their personal details and notify the MDGC Data Controller when required. Members can request their data is removed from the Master database at any time, clearly this will normally only occur should a member decide to leave the Association.

Data will not be shared with any “Third party agents”. Members may request to see the data held about them at any time; members may also Opt-Out of receiving emails at any time via a request to the Hon Secretary.

Members should though be aware that emails are used as the preferred and most effective form of communication for circulating information on Competitions, Matches & Social events; or to direct members to check the updated Web-Site or confirm applications into Competitions, Matches and Social events. Group emails will only use blind copy format to prevent email details appearing in headers. When team selections are circulated to members, the normal practice of including contact details on the accompanying documents will continue (IE not in the email header. This is to facilitate joint travel arrangements for members. Any member not wishing to participate in this cooperation effort should inform the Hon Secretary.

Any and all personal data deemed unnecessary will be removed from the MDGC Master database immediately, plus when requested by members, or resignations, or on notification of deceased members. Thus, when a member ceases to be a member of the Association their personal data will be removed/destroyed unless specific consent is given to retain all or some of the data, for historical reasons or (invitations to future social events).

It will be the MDGC Executive’s responsibility to ensure compliance with the GDPR Legislation and if necessary make changes or additions to this policy.

As the MDGC has an existing and on-going relationship with current members it is not necessary for members to opt into the conditions detailed in this policy. New members and any lapsed members will be asked to confirm they have read and understood the terms and conditions of this policy at the next renewal date (1st January 2020). It is incumbent upon all members to advise the MDGC Data Controller of any changes to their personal data or circumstances which may affect the methods of communication at any point in the future (IE changes of address, contact numbers, email address).

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MDGC Executive 1st June 2019

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